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    Why A Great Web Design Is Important For Business

    As you all know that there are so many websites on the internet that it is often difficult to be seen amongst your competitors. With so many good websites, the competition out there is quite tough so why make it further difficult by having a poor web design that will drive the audience away. Therefore, it is important that any business whether it is depending on their online business or not must focus on their web design.   Read More...

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    Video Production Myths and Realities

    Getting a professional video made for your website is easier than you think!Marketers Believe in Video93% of marketers used online video in 201382% of marketers saw a positive impact on their organization from video52% of marketers saw the best return on investment from videoMythsProfessional video is too expensiveVideo production is too complicated and time intensiveWebsites don't need videoRealityCosts can be as little as hundreds of dollars, not tens of thousandsIt can take as little as 2...  Read More...