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    Does Your Email Provider Value Your Privacy?

    Choosing email providers is a more important decision than you might think. Although "free" email providers have improved vastly over the last few years, there is still a price to pay. When you sign up to a free email service, you are trading your privacy for the email services instead of paying for it with traditional currency.Did you know that free email services use your personal information to target advertising directly to you?   Read More...

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    Using Gmail as a CRM

    There are countless options for customer relationship management software these days. Many are complex and expensive, exceeding the requirements of small businesses. Our new friends at GrexIt have found an innovative and simple solution that works with the world's most popular email platform and meets the basic needs of collaboration for project management, customer support and lead management.What is GrexIt?In a nutshell, GrexIt is email, supercharged for collaboration on customer support, ...  Read More...

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    Using Gmail With Multiple Accounts

    Several clients have expressed confusion around how to use more then one Gmail account on the same device. This post will address using a Chrome browser and the Gmail app on an iPhone. Other browsers and phones may be similar, but I haven't tested them all. Using Multiple Gmail Accounts in the Chrome BrowserGo to http://gmail.com and log in to your account.From your Gmail dashboard, click on the avatar icon on the top right.Click on the ADD ACCOUNT button.Log in to your other ...  Read More...