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Why Choose A .Trade Domain Name?

Trade is defined as ‘the exchange of goods, services and currencies between two or more parties’, and for most countries worldwide, international trade forms a significant element of their gross domestic product. In recent decades, retail businesses have witnessed enormous changes in the way their trade is most successfully conducted, largely moving away from a focus on the high street to a boom in online retail, or ‘e-commerce’.

Trade has been a popular activity for many thousands of years. Nowadays, millions of people worldwide have been empowered with information gained from the Internet, which has created a platform from which global commerce continues to thrive. However, when conducting online searches for trade-related activities it can be difficult to identify trustworthy resources.

With the .Trade domain, the trade sector has a defined name-space from which to conduct its business activities, in a trusted, targeted manner which attracts all those with an interest in trading – from international business, financial trading, to individuals looking to secure a bargain – Trade makes the world go around and as Benjamin Franklin said “No nation was ever ruined by trade.”