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    Guest Blog: How Your Slow Website Burns a Hole in Your Pocket

    Seldom would you come across an experience elaborating that wow realization while users’ transact on your online store, if your website speed is just okay. I wonder if you seriously consider it with a view towards business expansion in the long run. The efforts that you put in from time to time in order to determine and appraise your business with regards to your website contribution are not enough.   Read More...

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    Slow Page Load Times Turn Off Consumers and Search Engines

    Fast websites are crucial to keep the consumer's interest in your products and services, and to contribute to better search rankings. Quite often when a website is slow, owners are quick to blame the web hosting company. There are many things to consider when a website is performing slowly, and often the web host is not at fault.Any script or widget installed on your website will have a negative impact on page load times.   Read More...