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    The Power of Landing Pages

    A really effective way of generating leads and sales for your business, is being in front of people when and where they are searching for your products or services.Many consumers begin researching on the search engines before they buy. When your website is one of the top results for a consumer search and the page the consumer lands on is relevant to their search, you have successfully moved them further down the sales funnel towards a conversion. A conversion could be getting them to phone, emai...  Read More...

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    Slow Page Load Times Turn Off Consumers and Search Engines

    Fast websites are crucial to keep the consumer's interest in your products and services, and to contribute to better search rankings. Quite often when a website is slow, owners are quick to blame the web hosting company. There are many things to consider when a website is performing slowly, and often the web host is not at fault.Any script or widget installed on your website will have a negative impact on page load times.   Read More...