• Native Ad Content Marketing On HautMedia Network

Native Ad Content Marketing On HautMedia Network


About this item

Native ads are the online version of a form of advertising that was often done in newspapers. It is a more subtle form of advertising and can be extremely effective when done correctly, since it doesn't seem like an advertisement.

Essentially, it is a story written on a company or product that displays them in a favorable light, compelling the reader to a call to action.

Our staff writers can craft the story for you to ensure it meets our high editorial standards.

Unlike many native ad spaces that are sold on a subscription and cost per click basis, HautMedia Network native ads are a flat monthly rate.

This kind of cost control is very beneficial to smaller businesses or start ups that traditionally have trouble funding a CPC or CPM campaign. However, larger businesses are welcome to participate as well.

Pricing varies by ad type and placement. Please contact bmatsalla@hautlife.com for a quote and choose the appropriate dollar amount from the drop down menu to make a payment.

Native ads are only accepted on one site within the HautMedia Network: http://hautlife.com.