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About this item

This high definition, 90 second video is a great way to show a detailed behind the scenes look at your business with a profile of the company or employee(s), or showcasing testimonials from your satisfied customers. Your video can be ready in only 2 weeks from filming to the finished product.

Project Planning

  • A video planning session definines your video goals ensuring they align with your marketing strategy.
  • We identify your target audience, what style of videos you prefer, where your videos will be shown, and how you will measure success.


  • A dedicated producer will be assigned to your project who will oversee your video from pre-production to final delivery.
  • The producer will coordinate with our production team to create a final script and shot list based on the results of the project planning.


  • With every shot planned in advance, our production crew will be ready to go when they arrive on film day. 
  • Our videographers will put everyone at ease and get all the right shots.
  • After filming, the footage will be uploaded to our post production studio for quality control and editing.


  • Our post-production team will turn the video into your vision.
  • They will edit the footage, add the audio, optimize the colors and add any titles, logos or graphics required.
  • Finally the produced video will be made available for your team to view and critique.
  • Your video will be edited based on your feedback and the final product completed.


  • At this point, your video will be ready for distribution. 
  • Using our online platform, your video file will be provided to you.