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    Generating A Customer Base Using Instagram

    At first glance, Instagram can be a daunting place. But as the platform now has over 600 million users, it would be a mistake for any e-commerce site to ignore this potential source of new customers.Here I will outline 4 steps you can take to optimize and grow your Instagram page.1. Your profile – the first thing a potential follower sees when they come to your page is your name, picture and bio. For this reason, make sure to choose a name that is simple and easily expresses what your...  Read More...

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    How To Find Content That Has Been Shared To LinkedIn

    One of the quirks of LinkedIn is trying to find content that you or others have shared to your profile from elsewhere online. Your LinkedIn profile would seem like a great place to share news and articles related to your profession, but once you do that, where do they go?Since the advent of LinkedIn Posts, a built in publishing platform owned and operated by LinkedIn, they have been understandably wanting people to create original content on LinkedIn rather then sharing third party content.As a ...  Read More...