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    How to Create an Effective Call to Action on Your Site (Guest Post)

    In theory, calls to action (CTAs) are simple: Tell your site visitors what to do, and why they should do it. In practice, however, that's about as easy as walking inside a long, dark tunnel with zero equipment. You can only do your best to stay on your feet and pray that you'll find the light eventually.Luckily, you don't have to go in blind anymore.   Read More...

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    The Power of Landing Pages

    A really effective way of generating leads and sales for your business, is being in front of people when and where they are searching for your products or services.Many consumers begin researching on the search engines before they buy. When your website is one of the top results for a consumer search and the page the consumer lands on is relevant to their search, you have successfully moved them further down the sales funnel towards a conversion. A conversion could be getting them to phone, emai...  Read More...

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    Video Production Myths and Realities

    Getting a professional video made for your website is easier than you think!Marketers Believe in Video93% of marketers used online video in 201382% of marketers saw a positive impact on their organization from video52% of marketers saw the best return on investment from videoMythsProfessional video is too expensiveVideo production is too complicated and time intensiveWebsites don't need videoRealityCosts can be as little as hundreds of dollars, not tens of thousandsIt can take as little as 2...  Read More...