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    How to Create an Effective Call to Action on Your Site (Guest Post)

    In theory, calls to action (CTAs) are simple: Tell your site visitors what to do, and why they should do it. In practice, however, that's about as easy as walking inside a long, dark tunnel with zero equipment. You can only do your best to stay on your feet and pray that you'll find the light eventually.Luckily, you don't have to go in blind anymore.   Read More...

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    Start Planning Your Tourism Marketing for Next Year

    As with all seasonal businesses, it is important in the tourism industry to get ready for the next season far in advance, so that you can start filling up bookings earlier, providing cash flow stability, and letting you focus on providing a memorable experience for your guests.Looking back at your previous year, and also at your competition, can provide some insight as to where your guests are coming from, and where you are missing guests that your competitors are getting. Quite often blog or so...  Read More...

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    Increase Landing Page Conversion Rates With Calls to Action

    Landing pages can be a very effective part of an online marketing strategy for your business website. One way to further increase the effectiveness of your landing pages is to utilize calls to action.A call to action should cause the person who is viewing the landing page to commit a specific action in order to get something in return. Calls to action should be compelling, risk reducing, or benefits oriented.   Read More...