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    Deconstructing Domain Names

    The type of website you are purchasing a domain name for should play a factor in your decision. There are many domain name extensions to choose from, and several may suit your purposes.The most common is .com, and you should try and incorporate .com into your domain name purchases if anything similar to your desired domain name is available in .com.Beyond that, any website that sells product online should definitely use .com as it is intended for commerce. An informational website of an offline ...  Read More...

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    6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Domain Name

    Many people don't give a second thought to why they should purchase a domain name, and what it should be. Most domain name purchases are made for only one reason, a person or business requires a domain name to load their website. Your choice of domain name can have a lasting impact on the success of your website, and there are some things to consider.Here are 6 things to consider when choosing a domain name:Easy to RememberBranding ConsistencyDemographic TargetingMedia RelevanceService Provi...  Read More...

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    Slow Page Load Times Turn Off Consumers and Search Engines

    Fast websites are crucial to keep the consumer's interest in your products and services, and to contribute to better search rankings. Quite often when a website is slow, owners are quick to blame the web hosting company. There are many things to consider when a website is performing slowly, and often the web host is not at fault.Any script or widget installed on your website will have a negative impact on page load times.   Read More...

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    3 Simple Steps to Fix iPhone 5s Speaker Distortion

    After having an iPhone 5s for less then a month, the speaker started to sound very distorted, almost like there was a loose wire or something. After doing a lot of digging through Apple support documentation, I discovered that it was not a hardware issue, but a software issue. There is also a workaround that you can do yourself, eliminating the need to go through the hassle of trying to get a warranty replacement handset.   Read More...

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