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    Smarter Than the Average Navigation Bar: Tips, Tricks and Advice

    Navigation, at least when it comes to UI and UX, is the cornerstone of your website. Even if your audience lands on a specific page you painstakingly designed, it’s the navigation bar or menu that’s going to be used to move elsewhere.Simply put, there is no limit to how good, optimized and engaging your navigation can be. If there’s one element of your site you’re always striving to improve, it should be the nav bar.In light of that, here are some tips, tricks and best practices you can use to s...  Read More...

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    Marketing Your Business for Halloween: The Do's and Don'ts

    As you know, Halloween is just around the corner. This holiday kicks off the last few months of the year, diving right into the holiday season. Now is a good time to start thinking about your seasonal branding, if you haven’t already.   Read More...

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    How UX Design Will Improve Your Business's Revenue

    If you haven't already taken an in-depth look at your business' UX design, this is one area you may be able to improve and in the process increase your overall revenue. UX stands for user experience and can include everything from how easy your site is to navigate to how interactive your website is for users. In a nutshell, a positive experience will make the customer stick around your site longer and become more loyal to your brand. The key is to look at your website through the ey...  Read More...

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    Why Packaging Design is Important

    When marketing a product, you have many factors to take into consideration. Everything from target consumer to the product aesthetics need to be analysed and looked at in order to make your product one of the 5% of new products that don’t fail(Yes, that means 95% of all new products fail...). The reason so many products fail is that the consumer doesn’t have the time to personally look at each and every product they choose to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the product, so ...  Read More...

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