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All About Location Based Marketing

The explosive growth in smartphone ownership has fuelled the possibility of reaching targeted consumers and knowing where they are during the day. Reach out to these people with your location based marketing campaign to tap into an already engaged audience.

  • Purpose of Location Based Marketing Services
  • Location Based Marketing Platforms
  • Examples of Good Location Based Marketing Offers
  • Strategies for Location Based Marketing

Purpose of Location Based Marketing Services

  • Customer engagement
  • Loyalty rewards
  • Content creation

Customer Engagement

  • Ensure you have local business pages set up on every available platform.
  • Every customer that comes to a local business is an opportunity to engage them.
  • When you have local place pages, customers can "check-in" to your location.
  • Customers share images, tips, feedback with their check-in.
  • Check-in's are visible to all the customer's followers, reaching people your other marketing can't.
  • Customer generated check-in posts generate more engagement than company generated posts to brand.

Loyalty Rewards

  • Offer a compelling reason why customers should check-in when they shop at your business instead of your competition.
  • Interact with frequent check-in's to develop brand ambassadors.
  • Foursquare makes a game out of check-in's, offering badges and mayorships.
  • Offer deals exclusively to customers who check-in.

Content Creation

Normally content creation brings to mind a company that publishes content to their website and social networks. However, with location based networking, the consumer is creating content about the business. Customers are telling businesses what they think is interesting. Pay attention to that, and use the subject matter when creating new content. When you tell customers about what they want to hear, your blog/newsletter/podcast/video/social content will be engaging on a whole new level.


Location Based Marketing Platforms

  • Foursquare
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Google
  • Twitter
  • Yelp


  • Find nearby places
  • Check into places
  • Share a picture
  • Share and save the places you visit
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Personalized deals


  • Find nearby places
  • Check in to places
  • Check in to events
  • Make reservations
  • Leave reviews
  • Share a picture
  • Tag friends that you are with


  • Find nearby places
  • Check in with place pins
  • Share a picture
  • Get directions from place pins


  • Go places
  • Do challenges
  • Earn badges and rewards


  • Check in to places
  • Share a picture
  • Write a review


  • Tweet from a location
  • Share a picture


  • Check in to places
  • Bookmark places
  • Add a review
  • Add a photo

Examples of Good Location Based Marketing Offers

  • Ben and Jerry's
  • Subway
  • JetBlue Airways
  • McDonald's

Ben and Jerry's

The ice cream chain offers deals on Foursquare that provides great value for all customers, with 3 scoops for only $3 when you check in. The mayor also gets an extra scoop for free.


In the UK, customers who opted in, received a text message when nearby a Subway restaurant. The message displayed the nearest restaurant, as well as a discount code for an immediate purchase.

JetBlue Airways

JetBlue was the first airline to integrate Facebook check-in's with their existing frequent flyer rewards.


Every McDonald's in Manhattan was mapped out and anyone within 1-2 blocks who searched would receive a $1 off coupon good at that location only.

Strategies for Location Based Marketing

  • Build a location page on every available platform
  • Connect with the people who check in at your location the most
  • Create great offers that everyone can use
  • Test and optimize
  • Ensure all employees are buying into and promoting

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