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    How To Market For Any Season In All Industries (Guest Post)

    Companies are always looking for a way to make new people into lifelong customers. To do that, though, they have to keep them hooked throughout the year — and that means keeping them in their stores to buy candy for Halloween and Easter, ordering flowers for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, and using other tactics to grab their attention in all four seasons.Here are some targeted ways your company can increase engagement with your audience throughout the year.Christmas Bringing Out the Good and ...  Read More...

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    Taking A Website From Good To Great - Part 4: Maintaining The Responsive Experience With Embedded Objects

    Responsive website design or RWD for short is an increasingly important part of the online presence of any organization. Use of mobile devices online continues to grow at a faster pace than desktop, and with an increasing variety of screen sizes.Mobile friendly strategies used to involve designing multiple websites to meet the needs of each platform, such as desktop, large tablet, small table, large phone, small phone, or releasing apps specific to the operating system such as iOS or Android. No...  Read More...

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    How to Create an Effective Call to Action on Your Site (Guest Post)

    In theory, calls to action (CTAs) are simple: Tell your site visitors what to do, and why they should do it. In practice, however, that's about as easy as walking inside a long, dark tunnel with zero equipment. You can only do your best to stay on your feet and pray that you'll find the light eventually.Luckily, you don't have to go in blind anymore.   Read More...

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    How To Find Content That Has Been Shared To LinkedIn

    One of the quirks of LinkedIn is trying to find content that you or others have shared to your profile from elsewhere online. Your LinkedIn profile would seem like a great place to share news and articles related to your profession, but once you do that, where do they go?Since the advent of LinkedIn Posts, a built in publishing platform owned and operated by LinkedIn, they have been understandably wanting people to create original content on LinkedIn rather then sharing third party content.As a ...  Read More...

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