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    Can Outdoor Marketing Still Be Effective in the Internet Age?

    Marketing is an industry that has seen massive changes in the last few years with the growth of the internet, the rise of social media and the domination of the smart phone. Marketers face a daily struggle to find the best combination of traditional and modern methods to get their message to the right people. One of the mainstays of marketing was outdoor marketing, such as billboards, but does this still have a place in the internet age?What Exactly Is Outdoor MarketingIn its most basic form, ou...  Read More...

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    Generating A Customer Base Using Instagram

    At first glance, Instagram can be a daunting place. But as the platform now has over 600 million users, it would be a mistake for any e-commerce site to ignore this potential source of new customers.Here I will outline 4 steps you can take to optimize and grow your Instagram page.1. Your profile – the first thing a potential follower sees when they come to your page is your name, picture and bio. For this reason, make sure to choose a name that is simple and easily expresses what your...  Read More...

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    What You Need To Know About Accepting Credit Cards

    Americans love plastic. And with the proper approach, you can position your business to tap into this enormous, lucrative market. That said, from customer service to payment security to integration, there are many standards that should factor into your decision-making.   Read More...

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    9 Productivity Hacks That Work Every Time For Logo Designers

    Logo is the identification mark for every company. A successful logo is simple, may or may not describe the work company does. Obviously, color and beauty attract people a lot but these are not much important.   Read More...

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