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    5 Ways Video Benefits SEO and Increases Leads

    There is no denying that video has become an increasingly powerful part of online marketing, but not everyone understands why. Here are some of the reasons why video marketing can be a huge benefit to search engine optimization.Video is More Noticeable Than TextGoogle's search algorithm returns a mixture of video, image, news, local & more.The thumbnails of a video search result attract much more attention than plain text links.According to a study that collected data from eye tracking s...  Read More...

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    Google Your Business

    I had an interesting experience at a business networking meeting. The keynote speaker was Sandy Poolevorde from Boyd's Funeral Services in Campbell River, @funeralscr on Twitter. As part of her presentation, she split the room into three groups of people and challenged them to find cremation pricing from different companies in the area.   Read More...

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