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    Where to Start With Social Media

    Are you one of the many businesses still not using social media? Or have made an attempt but feel like it is over your head? Although an in depth course on social media could fill several books, this should give you a broad overview of where to begin, with a few resources to carry on down the path of social media success.Facebook PagesNot a great source of exposure for businesses as Facebook throttles visibility to encourage ad spending.The most widely used and recognized social network, with ov...  Read More...

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    It Doesn't Hurt to Put a Bit of Effort Into Your Interactions

    Social media can be a great tool for online customer feedback. As with most customer feedback channels, I suspect that social customer feedback is skewed more towards negative then positive. People are more likely to say something about a bad experience then a good one.Knowing that, I try and ensure to give credit where credit is due.   Read More...

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    Website Usability Factors to Consider

    There are many schools of thought about what makes up a good website. Often, top designers may have completely opposite ideas. We think that the most important thing to consider when building a website is the users.   Read More...

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    5 Steps to Solving SSL Errors

    If you operate a website that uses SSL technology to encrypt data transmission, it is important to make sure it is done correctly. A website that has not been properly prepared for SSL can trigger security warnings for the users. For sites that require any kind of personal or financial data, this type of security warning causes a lack of trust that could very well send your potential customers elsewhere.Hiring an expert to diagnose and fix security errors on your website can be costly.   Read More...

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