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    5 Online Payment Systems Reviewed [Video]

    With dozens of ways to allow payments through a website, it can be difficult to determine which online payment processor is right for your business. There are several variables which can affect the decision, some of which including sales volume and cash flow requirements. For the purposes of this payment system review, we focused on processors that are integrated in our DZNRcms website builder and ecommerce platform.   Read More...

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    4 Ways To Delete All Your Tweets

    Although it may seem counterintuitive, more and more people are choosing to delete their tweets. The rationale ranges from re-branding, major life events, and avoiding having the past come back to haunt you. I'm sure we can all remember politicians being taken to task for comments on social media that are years old.   Read More...

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    Guest Blog: How Your Slow Website Burns a Hole in Your Pocket

    Seldom would you come across an experience elaborating that wow realization while users’ transact on your online store, if your website speed is just okay. I wonder if you seriously consider it with a view towards business expansion in the long run. The efforts that you put in from time to time in order to determine and appraise your business with regards to your website contribution are not enough.   Read More...

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    Taking A Website From Good To Great - Part 3: Usability Factors To Consider

    A website can serve as many things. The main pages on the menu might act as a digital brochure, providing a broad overview of your company, products, or services. Hidden landing pages could compel users to convert with strong calls to action.   Read More...

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    Taking A Website From Good To Great - Part 2: The Devil Is In The Details When It Comes To Responsive Website Design

    What is responsive website design? Responsive website design is a way of using css code within website templates to automatically adjust the website to fit the size of the screen on the end users device. Why is responsive web design important?   Read More...

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