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    Dealing With Facebook Group Spam

    A common theme we here from friends and colleagues on Facebook is the prevalence of Facebook Group spam. What we mean by that is when you are added to a group you have no interest in, often by somebody who you just accepted a friend request from. This "friend" typically does not reach out by private message or any other means to see if you would be interested in joining the group first.Most people in this situation immediately leave the group, and this is where it can get even more ann...  Read More...

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    6 Ways to Keep Your Website Design Current amidst the Changing Internet [Guest Post]

    Every time you check your website, a million questions zoom through your mind. Should you tweak this or that element, or should you leave it alone? Should you try that newfangled framework everyone else is raving about, or should you wait until the flames of hysteria die down?Questions like these never have a simple answer.   Read More...

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    Find Out Which Social Networks Help You Grow Sales

    With all of the social networks out there, it can be confusing trying to determine which one will have the best payoff for your online business. This infographic will help you determine where to start with a detailed breakdown of the top networks.Infographic courtesy of SalesForce. See the original post here.   Read More...

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    Why Are Facebook Pokes Still A Thing?

    Facebook "Pokes" have long been a source of mystery to me, but they faded from memory when people stopped "Poking" me. I thought the "Poke" had finally run its course and people got bored of whatever it was. It seems though, that the "Poke" is back with a vengeance.   Read More...

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    3 Percent Of Us Are Still Using Bad Passwords

    News reports over the past several years have been riddled with stories of massive data breaches around the world. Despite the ongoing barrage of advice to keep our personal data as safe as possible, many of us continue to choose really bad passwords. An estimated 3% of people online are estimated to use some of these examples of poor passwords: 1234 12345 123456 1234567 12345678 123456789 1234567890 111111 abc123 qwerty welcome letmein football baseball dragon master monkey princess qwertyuiop ...  Read More...

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