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9 Productivity Hacks That Work Every Time For Logo Designers

Logo is the identification mark for every company. A successful logo is simple, may or may not describe the work company does. Obviously, color and beauty attract people a lot but these are not much important. The special and iconic logos depict distinctiveness which makes a brand unique and memorable. The most successful logos like Pepsi, Nike, Apple and Samsung, what most special in them? It’s the uniqueness, the type of work for clients pay.

Understanding client’s needs is crucial as a logo expresses company goals, culture and people. Good discussions give idea of what client wants, what is overall way of carrying out their business, and environment of company. Asking the right questions is of main importance as it shows what main goal of company is? Then you have to realize that either the logo is being designed for audience or for competitors. Company targets’ audience should also be in view. You must keep the usage scale of logo in mind, either logo will be used on billboard or business cards as both of them will contain different details.  Next is the research and development stage followed by drafts production and refinements. Drawing logo is small part of overall process whereas research and refining take a lot of time. Tracking your time, staying flexible and respecting the company heritage are other essential factors while designing logos.

Logo is made up of three-piece art: icon, color and the font. Each of them has a different psychological meaning: icon depicts the picture behind, color expresses meaning in different context like “Red” means love, urgency or may be the signal to stop. The fonts are used for company name. The type of font used depends upon the type of logo under processed like educational logo fonts will differ from those of business. Keep your logo simple without adding too much detail in it. Moreover, keep logo and company name separate otherwise it can be harder to see the brand name or logo design.  

No one can deny the fact that designing a logo requires a lot of creativity, time and hard work. Logo designing is creative job and is highly linked with productivity.  Here are 9 productivity hacks worth to try which will always help you while designing logo.

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1. Don’t Run After Perfection

Productivity and creativity are directly linked with freedom of expression. A person can deliver his full potential when he works freely. Running behind perfection can ruin productivity as concept of perfection is only true when it comes to nature. Perfection is considered to be enemy of success. Things tried to be completed perfectly can never be completed. Moreover, improving a design may make it worse. So never think to design a perfect logo as it will never get completed. Instead make a sensible and close to perfect design.

2. Manage Stress

Managing stress is very important while working. Taking a nap, keeping mind fresh, good observation of surroundings and get engaged in positive hobbies help designer to relieve stress. A person can work better if he is capable of using his creative abilities and mind in right direction. Relaxed people are supposed to be more creative and productive.

3. Time Management

Time management is another important factor in logo designing process. Plan and divide the designing process into small tasks and assign them specific time according to total time period. It will help not only in completing project in time but also to recheck it and correction of errors within given time period. Developing a daily work routine, automation of workflow and software efficiency may improve time management.

4. Observation & Taking Ideas From Others

A good designer is a good observer as well, observing nature, surrounding environment, discussions are very important for taking ideas. It helps you to create a repository of ideas for future use. Your handy cam can help to capture anything inspiring. You can create a separate file to record these ideas for quick access when required.  Bookmark anything interesting you see on internet. Nothing is wrong when it comes to take ideas from others as designers consider it lack of creativity but it is not right approach because recreating already existing ideas is also creativity. It helps in creating more attractive and compelling logo for viewers. If you’re working for some custom Logo design company, then you have the opportunity to take ideas from like-minded people.

5. Being Confident Is The Key To Success

Confidence is the key to success. Confidence adds extra charm into your logo design and makes it more eye-catching.  Confidence boosts up one’s creativity and productivity. Overcoming the fear of failure and taking bold but right steps enhances success chances. So always believe in yourself.

6. Do In The Way You Want To Do It

Freedom of expression always increases chances of being successful. Selection of items is important while turning your own idea into practicality. Explore your inner and look around the idea that better match your personality.

7. Recreation Is Creativity

Productivity is not only creating something new but it is also linked with recreation of already existing ideas. Using all of the available resources in best manner is booster to unique product creation. If one is not sure about how to use the left-over options, the customized logo designing websites can help in this regard.

8. Come Out Of Box Imagination

Unintentionally people imagine picture inside a box, hence they start focusing on the boundaries of the box and fix their logo within boundaries of box, ignoring the productive and creative aspect of logo. Innovative logos are designed when designer thinks of box-less pictures. Thinking of boundaries also limits your ability of creativity. To do something extraordinary in less time, you can use existing logos for base designing. It will help in time saving and creating more designs.

9. Don’t Hesitate While Exploring Your Inner

Making rough sketches on paper helps you to explore your inside and unconscious ideas. Complete the sketches, no matter you like them or not as they will help you to create a bundle of innovative ideas. It will definitely help you in your future logo designing projects.

It didn’t stop here. There’s a ton of different ways that you can try out yourself to improve the productivity rate. These hacks will help you in outputting more in less time. In the end, it’s up to you on how you do it.

Have you tried these hacks? What other strategies you’ve applied to improve your productivity at work? Share your thoughts in comments below.

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Daniel Shane is a branding expert and senior Logo designer at Logo Orbit. He's been working in the graphic design industry from over 10 years. Beside his full time job, he loves to write on the topics related to Logo design, productivity at work and creative branding.

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