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    What You Need To Know About Accepting Credit Cards

    Americans love plastic. And with the proper approach, you can position your business to tap into this enormous, lucrative market. That said, from customer service to payment security to integration, there are many standards that should factor into your decision-making.   Read More...

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    5 Online Payment Systems Reviewed [Video]

    With dozens of ways to allow payments through a website, it can be difficult to determine which online payment processor is right for your business. There are several variables which can affect the decision, some of which including sales volume and cash flow requirements. For the purposes of this payment system review, we focused on processors that are integrated in our DZNRcms website builder and ecommerce platform.   Read More...

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    6 Steps to Use the Remaining Balances on Pre-Paid Credit Cards

    When you are shopping in a retail store, you can often use multiple payment methods. When you are shopping online however, the convenience of multiple payment methods is most often not available during checkout. With the growing popularity of prepaid VISA and MasterCard gift cards, an common problem people run into, is how to spend the remaining balance on the card after their intended purchase.   Read More...