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    6 Rules For Packaging Design That Will Shine On The Shelf

    When consumers walk into a supermarket, store or an online market, they’re faced with an endless list of options. For your product to compete with the abundant choices the consumer has, it needs to stand out. This is where packaging comes to play its role.   Read More...

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    Why Packaging Design is Important

    When marketing a product, you have many factors to take into consideration. Everything from target consumer to the product aesthetics need to be analysed and looked at in order to make your product one of the 5% of new products that don’t fail(Yes, that means 95% of all new products fail...). The reason so many products fail is that the consumer doesn’t have the time to personally look at each and every product they choose to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the product, so ...  Read More...

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    How To Design Product Packaging (Guest Post)

    You’ve invented the perfect product. Everything about it is far superior to the rest of the market. You’re bound to make a lot of money.Except no one buys it.   Read More...