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    Digital Developments That Are Impacting Retail

    This article written by Rombus Packaging introduces the ways in which emerging digital trends are having a direct impact on the number of online purchases being made in retail.There is no doubt about it that technology is constantly changing the world, and as a result; retail is being directly impacted by new digital developments. As consumers, we are no longer restricted to traditional shopping methods as online shopping now provides a range of different services that offer the ultimate conveni...  Read More...

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    5 Online Payment Systems Reviewed [Video]

    With dozens of ways to allow payments through a website, it can be difficult to determine which online payment processor is right for your business. There are several variables which can affect the decision, some of which including sales volume and cash flow requirements. For the purposes of this payment system review, we focused on processors that are integrated in our DZNRcms website builder and ecommerce platform.   Read More...

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    Start Selling on Social

    What is Qwiqq?Qwiqq is a free iPhone and iPad app that offers users a very clean and simple way to sell online, without the need for an expensive shopping cart platform.Qwiqq has built in social integration that allows you to share your product to some of the most popular social networks, as well as email and sms. This tool is a great way for bricks and mortar businesses and home based businesses to sell online and expand their market reach.Qwiqq is fun for consumers and merchants to buy and sel...  Read More...