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    Does Your Email Provider Value Your Privacy?

    Choosing email providers is a more important decision than you might think. Although "free" email providers have improved vastly over the last few years, there is still a price to pay. When you sign up to a free email service, you are trading your privacy for the email services instead of paying for it with traditional currency.Did you know that free email services use your personal information to target advertising directly to you?   Read More...

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    3 Percent Of Us Are Still Using Bad Passwords

    News reports over the past several years have been riddled with stories of massive data breaches around the world. Despite the ongoing barrage of advice to keep our personal data as safe as possible, many of us continue to choose really bad passwords. An estimated 3% of people online are estimated to use some of these examples of poor passwords: 1234 12345 123456 1234567 12345678 123456789 1234567890 111111 abc123 qwerty welcome letmein football baseball dragon master monkey princess qwertyuiop ...  Read More...

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    Taking A Website From Good To Great - Part 1: Protecting Privacy Is Good For Profits

    Consumers and governments are increasingly aware of online privacy and the implications of not taking it seriously. From the minor annoyance of spam, to ad blockers, to social media embarrassments, to increasingly frequent data breaches; people visiting your website are behaving increasingly cautious with their personal data and governments are paying more attention to regulation of user privacy.If you have a website of any kind, you have a goal of a conversion of some kind for the end user. Thi...  Read More...